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The Devil and the Farmer's Wife

Roots Quartet, darlings of the English folk scene, like to explore. This is a fabulous collection of songs and a personal view of farming today, interwoven with fun, folksong and fantasy. Rambling English countryside, ancient towns and villages, summer folk festivals and midwinter solstice gatherings have all hosted the delicious harmony singing and superb musicianship of Yvette, Michelle, Abbie and Bronwen.

Following Abs and Bron, Yvette has now produced her own album inspired by, and richly embedded in, the verdant rural landscape of Somersetshire. It’s a view from the Somerset farmhouse kitchen window and a visit to those carefree days when we all did things just for "devilment"!

Go on sample some "Farm-folk" you know you're worth it.

This CD includes gorgeous original illustrations by Kate Lynch


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